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The #1 Product-Led Growth Platform for Product & CX Leaders

Product-Led Growth (PLG) Core Certificate™

Learn how to build a strong Product-Led Foundation and lead PLG across your organization.

 Product-Led UX
    (PLX) Certificate™ 

Learn how UX is being redefined under the lens of Product-Led Growth and design products that convert.

Product-Led Engineering (PLE) Certificate™

Bring Engineering closer to customers’ needs and deliver customer-centric products.

Product-Led Certification Programs

PLG Bundle

Accelerate User Experience & Engineering Practices

Design Products That Convert 

PLG Core™ & PLX Core™ Certification Programs

Get 50+ hours of hands-on training on how Product-Led Growth foundations change user experience & Product Design practices - always by considering customer feedback assessment and data-driven insights.
Accelerate Engineering Practices & ROI

PLG Core™ & PLX Core™ Certification Programs

The Product-Led Growth Core (PLG)™ and Product-Led Engineering (PLE)™ Core certificates examine PLG foundations and practices that bring engineers closer to customers’ needs while enabling them to deliver customer-centric products.
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Product-Led Growth Hub Masterclass Series

They've Said About our Programs

"Coming from an engineering background, Product-Led Growth Hub's courses have been a worthwhile investment. The insights about PLG were clear & to the point while they made obvious that the product must be at the epicenter of any SaaS org."
Manolis Kokolakis,
Sr. Product Manager Blueground
"The trainings enabled me to map and understand all internal processes following product delivery and acknowledge why PLG should be the basic pillar behind any activation executed by customer-centric and product development departments."
Chris Tsadaris,
Pre-Event Trader Stoiximan
"Well structured courses and the best trainers the industry can provide from world-class organizations  The training programs was a great way to cultivate the PLG mindset and upskill my career path."
Filippos Tsakiridis,
Sr. UX Designer Interamerican

Frequently asked questions

What is Product-Led Growth Hub?

Product-Led Growth Hub, is the first business academy worldwide aiming to become the top destination for SaaS professionals, and organizations in need to learn how to deliver and accelerate the Product-Led Growth model.

The academy’s mission is to promote and elevate the role of PLG across the SaaS industry via its variety of Live-Online programs delivered by world class experts in the SaaS industry.

Who the programs concern?

  • SaaS Organizations in need to capitalize on customer feedback and product usage to become proactive towards customers’ needs and eliminate hand-holding.
  • Startups that want to create a scalable business model and use the product as the main growth lever, no matter the stage they are currently in.
  • SaaS executives In need to develop a set of competitive skills similar to those acquired by professionals driving Product-Led Growth in leading SaaS organizations.

Do you provide a certification of completion?

We provide certifications of completion for every course delivered, and 3 unique PLG Certificates related with PLG foundations, product design and engineering.

Do you also provide corporate training? 

Absolutely. In case you wish your organization to transform into Product-Led at and we will get back to you within 24 hours.
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