Accelerated PLG training program

PLG Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is an accelerated learning program by Product-Led Growth Hub, for executives & organizations to learn first-hand the best approaches and practices PLG incorporates.

The program provides hands-on training of how these learnings can be integrated to inform strategic business decisions along with how orgs can evangelize a remote-first culture.
 PLG Bootcamp From Product-Led Growth Hub

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What Should you Expect?

PLG On-Demand

Learn, engage and dive into PLG foundations
from the comfort of your screen

10 Courses

On Product-Led Growth, Product Adoption
& Customer Experience

Expert instructors

Learn from industry thought leaders working in leading Product-Led organizations

Thorough Assessments

Assess your skills instantly at your own pace

Certificate of Completion

Get PLG Certified - considering that you pass the exams & assessments provided

Handouts & Frameworks 

Lifetime access to course
material & recordings

PLG Bootcamp Courses

Courses included

PLG Bootcamp

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