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The premier PLG conference, sharing insights on all aspects around Product & Customer Experience.

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Want to learn why Product-Led Growth is of rising importance? Learn hands-on frameworks and insights from world-class Product leaders to scale GTM & business practices while driving conversions & revenue.


When PLG is at play product experience is not just a part of Customer Experience. It is the experience. Learn what Product and Customer Success leaders are doing to deliver stellar CX with insights derived from the product itself.

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Learn from
SaaS Leaders

Alison Skidmore, VP Customer Success & Renewals, APAC, SAP
Felix Eichler, CTO & Co-Founder Userlane
Francisco M. T. Bram Head of Global Product Marketing, Uber
Sydney Strader Head of Customer Success, Catalyst
Srinivas Somayajula Head of Product Ops, Monetization & Growth, Calendly
Matt Billotti, Product Lead Growth & Lifecycle, Drift
Teresa Anania VP of Global Customer Success, Zendesk
Lisa Singer, VP Principal Analyst Forrester
Muneyb Minhazuddin VP Product Marketing, VMware
Margaret Quigley, Sr. Business Development Manager, Userlane
Ismail Madni, Head of Pricing Strategy, Okta
Peter Lyon VP Customer Success at Poppulo, Co-Founder Customer Success Network
Yoni Solomon, Product Marketing Director, G2
Jeremy Horn, VP Global Head of Product Management, Cognizant
Idan Fargeon, Product Manager Lead, Alibaba
David Apple, Head of Customer Success, Notion
Ingmar Zahorsky, VP of Customer Success, ChartMogul
Inessa Lurye VP of Product Management , Yesware
Parag Pathak, Team Lead Product Marketing, IBM
Jonathan Maimon Head of Product Marketing, Elementor 
Amitai Gat, Head of Product at Elementor
Maria del Mar Mitjavila Bedmar, Customer Success Manager, Userlane
Shane Correa, Serial VP Customer Success Leader

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