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Product analytics and instrumentation, under data driven roadmapping

Mickey Alon, Serial entrepreneur & co-founder of Gainsight PX shares his lessons on how product analytics and feature instrumentation are used by leading product teams to prioritize a roadmap for Product-Led Growth. You can dive more into the training session’s elements below.
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What Should you Expect?

On Demand Session

One hour full of insights to watch
 at your own pace.

Unique Frameworks

Best practices and examples
from the SaaS industry.

Members Only Session

This is a member only session available to PLG Advocate and Leadership plans.

Session's Contents

Guest TRainer

Mickey Alon

A serial entrepreneur. Co-author of Mastering product experience in Saas. CPO and co-founder of Aptrinsic (Gainsight PX) a leading Product-growth platform. Previously GVP at Marketo leading the global engineering team. 
                  Mickey Alon | Founder & CTO of Gainsight PX

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