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Product Marketing in the Product-Led Era

Utkarsh Rai PMM at VWO delivers a session focusing on the challenges following product marketer and analyzes why product marketing is indeed imperative for SaaS organizations that seek to scale their PLG levers. The session is eligible for a PLG certification of completion.
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What Should you Expect?

PLG On-Demand

One hour full of insights to watch
  at your own pace.

Unique Frameworks

Best practices and examples
from the SaaS industry.

Members Only Session

This is a member only session available to PLG Advocate and Leadership plans.

Course Contents

Guest Trainer

Utkarsh Rai

Utkarsh works at the intersection of the Sales, Marketing and Product team at VWO. He and his team are instrumental in driving growth initiatives.

Apart from marketing, Utkarsh loves to challenge himself with long-distance runs and has a knack for all things SaaS. He leads customer marketing at VWO.
Utkarsh Rai, Product Marketing Manager VWO

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