Tech Touch Onboarding
with Gainsight PX

Harshita Banka, Enterprise CSM at Gainsight PX delivers a hands-on session on Tech-Touch onboarding and how it can allow organizations to leverage their PLG levers. This course is eligible for a PLG certification of completion.
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What Should You Expect?

PLG On-Demand

One hour full of insights to watch
at your own pace.

Unique Frameworks

Best practices and examples
from the SaaS industry.

Members Only Session

This is a member only session available to PLG Advocate and Leadership plans.

Course Contents

Meet the instructor

Harshita Banka 

Harshita Banka is a Technical Customer Success Manager for the Gainsight PX platform and manages its largest customers including Adobe, Splunk, and Autodesk.

With past stints at Facebook and at Ernst & Young, she has always been passionate about elevating the customer experience with innovative products and data.

She continues to apply her breadth and depth of experiences helping SaaS companies drive up their product adoption by enabling personalized user experiences. When not working, she is working the crowd as a DJ and a Zumba instructor!
                        Harshita Banka, Enterprise CSM, Gainsight PX

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