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Learn Frameworks Adopted by Top Product-Led Organizations

But wait...what the heck is
Product-Led Growth (PLG)?

Product led growth (PLG) is an end user-focused growth model that relies on the product itself as the primary driver of customer
acquisition, conversion and expansion. 

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Why Should I Care?

Digital transformation & Consumerization
accelerate customer demands

Buyers & end users expect to self educate  themselves rather talking to sales

Product experience now affects acquisition, retention & expansion  

Customers expect to try before they buy. The sales-led GTM model goes extinct. 

Don't just take our word for it...

“There is an inexorable march toward the End User Era that simply can’t be stopped. As a software company, you can’t opt out of this secular shift. It’s pretty damn obvious that you wouldn’t build an on-prem product geared for the CIO Era. While you can still get away with building your business for the Exec Era, that wave has already crested and its days are numbered".
The future of growth belongs to product-led companies. At HubSpot, we realized this a few years ago, which is why we disrupted our own business model before anyone else could. Market dynamics and consumer behavior have changed - increasingly consumers expect to use software and extract value from it before buying.”
“There is a precursor to being product led which is to be customer led. Most PMs and most people who think about product do not go deep enough into customer problems. Ask your customer 10x more questions than you feel comfortable with.”

The Open Training Days initiative entails a series of free training programs by Product-Led Growth Hub aiming to evangelize the PLG notions across the SaaS industry. Learners will have the opportunity to get trained for free, learn if PLG is a fit for their personal & business needs and capitalize on the academy's scholarship program at the same time.

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We open the doors to our 2021 scholarship program.  25 qualified registrants will get the chance to qualify for an up to $3.650 scholarship.

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Is PLG a fit for you as a professional or your organization? We understand that those answers don't come easy this is why we will provide a thorough coaching session post training.

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Good to Know!

Don't Apply for our Program if you...

Have less than 3+ years of working experience

Don't need hands-on practices to scale ROI

Are not involved in the
GTM & business strategy

You think that a Free Trial of Freemium model is enough to become Product-Led.

You don't Value product analytics & customer feedback

Product experience & digital adoption is NOT
a thing for you

Apply for our Program if you...

Want to walk the extra mile and offer to your customers stellar customer experience!

You want to upskill by joining the 1% of successful PLG professionals.

Feel stuck in the traditional ways of acquiring, retaining & expanding accounts

Want to connect with organizations actively looking to hire
Product-Led experts.

Want to invest heavily in customer feedback, digital adoption & data driven insights.

Consider that PLG is the future of SaaS and want to personally benefit from its practices.

Chapter One: Making the Product-Led Transition

Want to learn how PLG can become a framework to apply across your organization? Our masterclass will enable you to dive into PLG foundations & familiarize youself with practical approaches adopted by top Product-Led organizations.

Training Agenda

  • Deep dive into Product-Led Growth Foundations
  • Product-Led Acquisition Levers 
  • Setting up your PLG Metrics
  • How to make PLG an intentional effort across the entire organization
  • A PLG framework to get you started
  • Coaching Session: Why to invest in a Product-Led business model

Pick the Cohort of Choice 

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Tuesday February 9
17:00-19:30 p.m. CET

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Thursday February 11
17:00-19:30 p.m. EST

Our Learners Work at

Meet your trainer

Despina Exad.
Founder Product-Led Growth Hub

Product-Led Growth champion, onboarding strategist, and founder of Product-Led Growth Hub, World's 1st PLG academy. Despina has 10 years of experience in the SaaS industry and the last three years she has contributed widely to the PLG community by researching and helping executives & organizations to discover their PLG levers.
Despina Exad. | Founder Product-Led Growth Hub

Training Sessions Soon to be Announced

Anne Krieger,
Head of Customer Success at Oroson

#1 Mastering CX &
 Digital Adoption 

Enrique Gil Sacristan,
Product Design Manager, BBVA

#2 Product-Led 
User Experience

George Nikolaropoulos, Engineering Manager at GlobalWebindex

#3 An intro to
Product-Led Engineering

PLG Scholarship program

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Apply for the Open Training Days program, get priority access to our scholarship program and a chance to qualify for up to $3.650  worth of training for any certification program of choice!

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Product-Led UX Core Certificate™ 

Learn how UX is being redefined under the lens of PLG and design products that convert.

Product-Led Engineering 
Core Certificate™

Learn how Engineering can come closer to customers' needs 
& product vision.

What Should you Expect*

  • Option to qualify for any of our 3 PLG core certification programs 
  • Coaching from the academy's experts 
  • PLG workshops from industry leaders
  • Networking and exposure to leading SaaS organizations

Up to $3.650 Sholarship

Every quarter, we open the doors to 25 aspiring SaaS  executives and put them through a 4-week intensive training program

Coaching & Networking

Our scholars get all the casual benefits included in our standard training programs such as a career coaching from the academy's experts along with unique networking opportunities.
*Details about the program's specifics along with suggested interview dates will land in your inbox upon registration.

Become PLG certified and get priority access
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 Get a chance to qualify for up to $3.650 scholarship

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  • Option to train your team for free
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What is the Open Training Days initiative?

Open Training Days is a series of free training courses, designed to be delivered to Product & CX executives inclined to adopt a PLG business strategy.

How the Open Training Days differ from a casual webinar?

While our webinars deliver tremendous insights, our trainings differ a lot in their format and delivery. Learners will have the opportunity to interact and engage with the trainers , while at the end of each training a special free coaching session will be delivered. 

Can I indeed invite my team?

You absolutely can 😀. Just remember to mark the neccessary field during registration and keep an eye in your inbox. 

Is the masterclass delivered to EU or US residents?

To both. We acknowledge that timezones are a hurdle and this is why we are going to deliver the masterclass both for EU and US residents - both sessions will delivered after working hours.

I signed up for the scholarship program. Now what?

All registrants will receive all the required info in their inbox upon registration. Please note that only applicants that have succesfully filled in the application will be further considered for the scholarship program. Upon the application's completion a training advisor will reach out to you with further details. 

Tons of  from Global Product & CX Leaders

“Product-Led Growth Hub is the new standard, helping Product & CX leaders transform their practices and SaaS organizations to effectively make the Product-Led transition”

Teresa Anania, VP of Global Customer Success at Zendesk

"PLG Hub offers great resources for anyone looking to make the product-led transition and expanding their existing skill-set. Its value prop. is heavily focused on PLG, retention & user experience - you could almost say it's content heaven for Product & CX professionals!"

Parag Pathak, Product Marketing Team Leader at IBM

Product-Led Growth Hub has been a wealth of content and thought-leadership for everything PLG-related. I enjoyed partnering with the team in the last PLG Disrupt conference and am looking forward to being an active member of their community going forward

David Apple, Head of Customer Success at Notion

"PLG Hub is the one place to be when it comes to accelerating your PLG levers. It aligns Product & CX best practices from the SaaS industry in all forms of content and training events."

Yoni Solomon, Director of Product Marketing at G2

Even More   from our Learners

“Great trainings and diverse range of perspectives on all things PLG, from trainers that have proven record and hands-on experience on the matter.”

Inês Liberato, Head of product Innovation at Tax Systems

“Extremely valuable learnings on how Product-Led Growth can help the product become the No1 growth lever & embrace cross-alignment.”

Maria Ligouriati, Product Owner at Insurance Market

“The insights about PLG were clear & to the point while they made obvious that the product must be at the epicenter of any SaaS org.”

Manolis Kokolakis, Sr. Product Manager at Blueground

“I was able to map and understand all internal processes following product delivery and acknowledge why PLG should be the basic pillar behind any internal practice.”

Chris Tsadaris, Pre-Event Trader at Stoiximan

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